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Interview - Why does Wyatt only wear black suits with white shirts: All men look great in tuxedos – striking white against black. Wyatt knows he looks smashing in black and white. Wear what gives you the feeling of “Power”.


Spies, Mystery, Romance, Humor, Revenge, Secrets, Lost Love, Lies, Nazis

Gem Forrester enjoyed every aspect of her career in government service - until the spring of 2011, when her family disappeared. Had Gem's family become targets of her own government? Or had her family unknowingly become entangled with Nazis who had also disappeared? Nazis who had disappeared in the winter of 1945!

Gem's life became a waking nightmare. She was going through Hell searching for her family. And then she met the Man of Her Dreams - the Perfect Man - Wyatt Grantham. Wyatt became her emotional refuge. And then he became her second nightmare. Gem had secrets. Secrets she couldn't share with Wyatt. Secrets he insisted he had a right to know. Gem had to admit he did have a right to know her secrets. But still she couldn't and wouldn't share what he demanded to know.



Naida Reynolds gives you a combination of NAZI SPIES, MYSTERY, HISTORY, ROMANCE and REVENGE all with a little bit of humor added. This was a great read and highly recommended. This book kept moving and the interaction between the characters was superbly developed. A true page turner.
~James Summer