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Interview – What kind of audience were you targeting with your book? – At first I thought because of the romance component, females would be attracted to the story, however due to the rare relationship the main characters have and the spy component, many male readers have given the book high reviews.

BOOK CLUB BANTER - Questions to discuss

  • Why do you think Gem had fraternal twins and not identical twins?
  • Did Ms. Jones succeed with her Agency training?
  • What is up with Wyatt's libido?
  • Do you think Gem was satisfied with her journey?
  • How do you think things would have been if Gem told Wyatt the truth from the start?
  • At what point were Gem and Wyatt in love?
  • Did Mrs. Palmer cross a line?
  • Was the Winery part of the game or was he sincere?
  • When did Wyatt really stop playing games?
  • Do the pets relationships remind you of anything?
  • Is Wyatt's reactions normal? How would you react to the news?
  • If Gem was to do it all over - whould she? what would she do different?
  • If Wyatt was to do it all over - would he? what would he do different?