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Interview - Why was there banter between Gem and Wyatt when they so disliked one another: it was verbal fencing – thrust and parry; it’s a form of ‘getting to know you’; using humor can disarm your opponent and keep them off balance. Wyatt tried to put Gem off balance to discover what secrets she hid; Gem wanted to keep Wyatt off balance so he couldn’t find out her secrets.

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ISBN 978-1622872-62-6 PRINT

ISBN 978-1622872-61-9 EBOOK

LCCN 2013932202

Published and Distributed by

First Edition Design Publishing, Inc.

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Mystery Novel GEM by Naida Reynolds Released Worldwide

GEM, a twisting muddle of mystery, lies, deceit, Nazis, spies, revenge, lost love, and a skewed romance is now available worldwide in ebook and print versions.


For Immediate Release – (Duluth, MN, USA –March 25, 2013) In Naida Reynolds’ breakout novel, titled Gem -- Gem Forrester is an Agency courier on a secret mission to find out what happened to her twin sister, their parents, and a dear family friend, who disappeared without a trace. As Gem begins to piece together what happened one fateful night, she will have to discover what happened to Nazis who had disappeared over sixty years ago.

Gem Forrester’s life consisted of her family and her career with the Agency – until both are cast into tragedy, mystery, chaos, and pain. A chance meeting in Barcelona further complicates her life in a way she could never foresee or even imagine. Readers will be caught up in the mysteries and chaos in Gem’s life. But will question if Gem can resolve these issues without losing her sanity.

“We never know during our busy daily lives how our words, choices, or actions might affect other people with whom we come in contact,” says Reynolds, ( “Every ‘story’ has two or more sides, and sometimes the most seemingly insignificant moment in one person’s life can cause an unintended domino effect in other people’s lives.”

Gem has found herself in this new hellish mission where she is thrown an emotional life-line in the appearance of a fascinating, handsome man – Wyatt Grantham. While Gem pursues her private mission to find her family, Wyatt pursues her for his private agenda. Gem’s once well-organized life is now a muddle of mystery, lies, deceit, lost love, and a skewed ‘romance’.

“Naida Reynolds gives you a combination of Nazi spies, mystery, history, romance and revenge all with a little bit of humor added. This was a great read and highly recommended. This book kept moving and the interaction between the characters was superbly developed. A true page turner,” says reviewer James Summer.

The ebook version of Gem ISBN  9781622872619, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available online wherever ebooks are sold. The 768 page print book version, ISBN 9781622872626, was published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.


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